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Libra The Balance (Sep 24 - Oct 23)

"When depicted in the lodges of Chinese secret societies, scales stood for Justice and Righteousness. 'In the City of Willows all is fairly weighed takes on a special significance if we remember that the City of Willows corresponds to the changeless Center. In Ancient Egypt, Osiris weighed the souls of the dead; in Christian iconography, St Michael, the Archangel of the day of Judgment, holds a pair of scales; the scales of the Last Judgment are also alluded to in the Koran in Tibet, the pans of the scales (are) used to weigh the individual's good and bad deeds... "  The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols

La Belle Dame Sans Merci" by John William Waterhouse above shows the chivalry and innocence of the Libra nature when they find their partner.

The Positive
Your ethereal  harmonious temperament, artistic abilities and beauty


Your indecision and fear of commitment

In love,
Libra men personify the principle of chivalry. 
Libra women adore their men but are prone to change their minds often and weigh and balance every consideration.  Libras find their partners fascinating and love to be in partnerships.

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