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Capricorn The Goat  (Dec 22 - Jan 19)  

"Of the Goat are born anxious minds and trembling hearts, which start at every noise and are apt to flutter at the slightest cause. Inborn in them, too, is a longing to explore the unknown, even as goats seek fresh shrubs on mountain slopes and rejoice, as they browse, to move ever further afield". Manilus, Astronomica, Book 5, 1st century AD

Berttuccio's Bride by Edward Robert Hughes shows the wry sense of humor and excellent business skills of Capricorn.
They like to be in a committed relationship, often making a wonderful home for a partner.  They are tough negotiators and like to give their loved ones the best.

The Positive 
Your mysterious sophistication

The Not-So-Positive
Your pessimism

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